Special projects

We have many years of experience with designing and producing products fullfilling the customers need in specific projects. Following list are some examples where we have worked together with the customer to bring something new to the market:

  • Gardermoen Airport, Norway.
  • Halden Prison, Norway.
  • Hötorgs market, Stockholm, Sweden.


There are several reasons to why its a good idea to refurbish old fixtures to new, modern LED technology. If, for example. the building or surrounding is heritage protected it might be prohibited to change the looks of a fixture, making a new installation impossible if the fixture is not produced anymore. This does not have to mean that you are stuck with old, inefficient lighting technology as you in many cases can let us change the interior of the fixture to new, modern LED technology while the exterier and looks stay the same. It is also a good way to be ecological as the waste is minimized to only that which needs changing instead of throwing the whole fixture away.

To carry out such projects has become something of our forté where our knowledge of lighting technology, construction and ergonomics makes us able to give you refurbished products with long lifetimes and good lighting quality.

Examples of refurbishment projects we have carried out: