Floodlight – BS Series

Asymmetrical floodlight for sport grounds, harbours, ariports, industrial areas erc. Housing of aluminium construction. Fixing clamps and bolst in stainless steel. Protective lens glass heat treated/hardened.


Fixing bracket for mounting purpose hot dipped galvanised for maximum protection. Reflector produced of pure aluminium with minimum anodising for maximum reflection. Lamp change effected from the front of the fitting. Protractor on one of side panels to assist in amining floodlight.

Terminal connection box mounted on rear of floodlight for ease of connection


Fixture type Lightsource type L W H Weight
mm mm mm kg
BS400 220-600W NaH
250-400W HgH
510 620 380 11
BS2000 660-1000W NaH
1000-2000W HgH
620 700 400 16

Ordernumber  BS series

Fixture type Order nr Lightsource type Order nr
BS400 31 xx xx Metallhalide xx xx 1x
BS2000 32 xx xx High Pressure Sodium xx xx 2x
Equipment Order nr Lightsource, W
Order nr
Connection box xx 1x xx Not specified xx xx x0
Ignitor box xx 2x xx 220W NaH xx xx x1
Driver box xx 3x xx 250W NaH, HgH xx xx x2
360W NaH xx xx x3
Type of reflector Order nr 400W NaH, HgH xx xx x4
600W NaH xx xx x5
Wide beam xx x2 xx 660W NaH xx xx x6
940W NaH xx xx x7
1000W NaH, HgH xx xx x8
2000W HgH xx xx x9

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