Floodlight – HS Series

Symmetrical floodlight for smaller sport grounds, signs, facades, tennis courts etc. Housing in patented extrude aluminium with side panels of aluminium alloy. The unique cooling fins provide efficient heat dissipation and maintain a constant temperature.

  • Fixing clamps and bolts in stainless steel.
  • Protective lens glass heat treated/hardened.
  • Fixing bracket for mounting purpose is hot dipped galvanized for maximum protection.
  • Reflector produced of pure aluminium with minimum anodising for maximum reflection.
  • Lamp change effected from the front of the fitting.

Terminal connection box mounted on rear of floodlight. Gold plated lamp contacts for maximum reliability.


Fixture type Lightsource type Angle
L W H Weight
horizontal mm mm mm kg
HS 35-70 35-70W NaH-HgH 2×30° 285 200 250 4
HS 150 150W NaH-HgH 2×40° 355 200 250 5
HS 250 250W NaH-HgH 2×40° 355 200 250 5
HS 400 400W NaH-HgH 2×40° 420 200 250 5

Order number HS series

Fixture type
Order nr Reflector Best nr
HS 35 13 xx xx Narrow Beam xx x1 xx
HS 70 14 xx xx Wide Beam xx x4 xx
HS 150 15 xx xx
HS 250 16 xx xx Lightsource type Best nr
HS 400 17 xx xx Metalhalide xx xx 1x
High pressure sodium xx xx 2x
Equipment Order nr Lamp holder Order nr
Connetion box xx 1x xx Rx7S xx xx x1
Igniter box xx 2x xx G12 xx xx x2
Driver box, conventional xx 3x xx E40 xx xx x3
Driver box, xx 4x xx Fc2 xx xx x4